Publicis UK agreed to be the main sponsor for the event, giving us their rooftop space and a food and drink budget.


AB Fine Art Foundry sponsored the summer party to help bring aspects to the event, which otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to afford.


Creative Leaders & Concept

I created a concept with the SheSays UK President, Fabiana Xavier, to make a creative leaders cocktail bar. This would not only celebrate the leading women in advertising but also encourage them to come along to the event.

I contacted some of the most influential creative women in advertising, asking them what cocktail they felt best represented them and why.

This would in turn create the cocktail menu for the event.

Individual cocktails1231 copy.jpg
Individual cocktails1231.jpg
Individual cocktails12312.jpg
Individual cocktails12313.jpg
Individual cocktails12314.jpg
Individual cocktails12315.jpg
Individual cocktails12316.jpg
Individual cocktails12317.jpg

Design for Posters

A4 posters_Page_1.jpg
A4 posters_Page_3.jpg
A4 posters_Page_2.jpg